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Box - Taster Pack

Box - Taster Pack

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Welcoming The Taster Box
We put this Taster box together as it’s a fab introduction of your dog hasn’t tried natural treats before.
Some of our treats can keep your dog entrained for a long period of time,different shapes,sizes and tastes to try in this box we suggest they are always supervised while eating any treats.
It includes treats of all sizes,shapes, textures and flavours. Suitable for pups over 12 months.

The box includes

Duck neck
Cut Beef spaghetti
Rabbit ear
Chickens foot
Ducks foot
Cod skin cubes 
Beef strip
Cut trachea


*all 100% natural
*no added sugars
*healthy treats
*good for their skin and coats
*recycling packaging
*support small business


Always supervise while feeding treats and supply fresh water

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